Welcome to the Himalayan WhiteHouse World School community! We are a leading force in child education, providing co-educational secondary schooling to students from our convenient location in Kathmandu, Nepal. At our basis is a model of integrated learning – that is, learning that combines practicality, critical thinking, and innovation to foster the growth of each child’s unique aims and abilities in a caring environment. By teaching through an English medium we encourage a wide cultural awareness and global citizenship, and through a balance of reading, writing and STEM subjects we produce well-rounded students with not only the requisite skill set, but the requisite mindset for any task. Curiosity is the name of the game, the secret to education, and the emphasis of our school; here subjects cross pollinate, discussions blossom, and students learn to grow.

We like to take things one step beyond the test by learning how to learn. This means not fattening our children with static fact, but rather keeping their minds fit and agile through problem solving and creativity. This creates life-long learners rather than test-takers; any modern employer will tell you the former, more innovative type is what they seek. In the 21st century, with the omnipresence of technology like the internet, any other form of education is a sabotage of our children’s future. We have the facts readily at hand; but the human question is, how do we use them? We see our school as a guide, a beacon of light for our children to find their way through a time of great uncertainty, to come out ahead, as leaders and innovators in a global community. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to take a peek at what we have to offer!

Mission Statement

Discovering the Gift in Every Child

We seek to establish a passion for learning and curiosity by guiding our students to discover their own unique aim; by catering to each as an individual we will encourage success and personal development. Through an emphasis on positivity, responsibility, and collaboration, we will create global citizens with the requisite skillset to succeed in a rapidly progressing global society. It is with this ambition that we work, toward a brighter future for individuals and nations alike.


It is our vision to bring quality education to students who wish to become

  • Academically Competent and technologically Savvy
  • Creative and Critical thinkers
  • Ethical and Exemplary in Behavior
  • Responsible National and Global Citizens