We believe that every child is special and he/she has various ways and needs to get the education. Keeping this principle in mind Himalayan WhiteHouse World School has launched and provisioned the continuous Evaluation System throughout the academic year comprising the terminal Formative and Summative Assessments. Students are assessed everyday by their classroom behaviors, punctuality, regular assignment, subject-wise practical performances, project based assignment and presentation and above all any rewarding activities they get involved inside or outside the school as parts of the Formative Assessment. Summative Assessment at the end especially ensures their syllabus based reading and writing skills. Every student with their parents is explicitly made aware about the progress at each terminal evaluation through one to one correspondence with respective class and subject teachers.

As to cater to the present needs and expectations of education system, we have developed the unique progress report to display the result both in marking as well as grading schemes. We see that the immediate feedback and the result are issued and published both online and offline. We make sure through our online learning system to avail the result and feedback to the parents anywhere in the world. We encourage our students to freely talk about different levels of evaluations in details with their teachers and the parents.