Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are having local election on 31 st Baishakh,2074 (May 14 th 017), and we view this as an important event as elections are a part of democratic process. Government of Nepal has already announced educational institutions to close down for 7 days. Cosidering this historic event in the country we have decided to give ‘election break’ from Wednesday, 27 th Baishakh to Monday, 1 st Jestha, 2074.

We will notify you if any sudden changes occur through SMS or will be posted online please check our website for further notification (if any).

Our children will be allocated with enough of Creative Home assignments. Please help your child to complete the HW & have them bring & submit it to concerned Subject teachers.

Finally, please understand the safety of our students, teachers & staffs is our utmost priority. Feel free to call the Class Teachers/Coordinators, Counselor or me if you have any concerns.

We will resume regular classes and other activities from 2 nd Jestha 2074.

Enjoy your Voting Rights!

Thank you.