Gyanu Basnet

I was more than happy to transfer my child to the Himalayan WhiteHouse World School last year, and what a difference it has made ! My son is more responsive, more curious, and most importantly, excited to go to school everyday. He submits his homework, stays up to date with the online learning system, and excels at the weekly ECA sports. Just last year I would have found all this impossible– thank you Himalayan WhiteHouse World School

Hari Odari

At Himalayan WhiteHouse World School, we found these traits. A year’s experience with the WhiteHouse affirms our choice was wise. Every detail big or small, does matter. We watched these closely and got impressed from the etiquette of the van staff to vision of senior management; from the hygiene of the cafeteria to cleanliness of the toilets the little ones use. I children’s fledgling mind, such details embed lasting impacts. Management with a proven track record and flair for the innovation; a team of trained, responsive teachers; safe, spacious in fractures; and clean, quite surroundings are the strength of Himalayan WhiteHouse World School, We wish for its further growth.